"To leave a piece of oneself (soul, creativity, love) in your work. when you love something so much that you put yourself into it."
Our Purpose

When creating the meaning behind the Meraki Salon, I wanted it to reflect what was truly at the heart of the beauty industry. Beauty professionals are passionate about their art and use it to influence people and create meaning to the everyday life we live.

It is my desire to be a vessel that pours out everything I have to offer to everyone I encounter. As depicted in our logo, I believe that as I pour out my knowledge, skills and love in this industry, I can share my abilities with my staff and my clients which, in turn, affects my entire community for the better. My hope is to mentor, assist, and grow my team as we strive to give back to the thriving communities of Southern Utah and those who visit.
Salon and pedicure chairs
Our Team

Meraki Salon is the home of several independent business individuals. Contact each professional for pricing and hours of operation